Monday Mutual

Monday Mutual 06.27.16

Once a week, I try to find helpful resources for Christian women and share them. These links are not my own work. John Piper offers thoughts on contentment with the secret to being content with your bank balance.  Comparison has been described as “the thief of joy”, and Shanna Mallon tackles the subject of comparison. […]

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Monday Mutual 05.16.2016

Each week I share a few encouraging words for women that I’ve stumbled across. None of these links contain my own work.   Jenny Salt of The Gospel Coalition speaks on Christian singleness in a podcast.  Tim Challies wrote a wonderful post for mothers (and fathers) on his blog, Do Not Provoke Your Children. Author of […]

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Sermon Highlights

Sermon Highlights 05.15.16

I’m consistently inspired, challenged and encouraged by the men who preach at my church. Every once in a while, I try to share bits and pieces from their sermons here. This week’s sermon at Karis Church was focused on stewardship and sacrifice, and comes from Matthew 5:1-12. If you don’t attend Karis Church and/or didn’t […]

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