I hope to continue contributing to Saturate the World on a monthly basis. Please, check out my post on their blog today!   This week I wrote a post for Jeff Vanderstelt’s Saturate the World website. My entire church is positively obsessed with Vanderstelt’s books “Saturate” and “Gospel Fluency“. I’ve got both of his books…Continue Reading “Post for Saturate: Making disciples as a special needs family.”

Valentine’s Day is typically associated with romantic relationships. But no matter if we are single or taken, we are all in relationships. With God, family members, neighbors, co-workers, our kids, other Christians and yes; spouses too. Here’s a collection of resources all about Christians and relationships.

I remember the first few times I participated in women’s ministry as a new Christian. Since I was not raised in the church, I had no preconceived notions of what these events were like, nor had anyone really explained to me the purpose of gender-specific ministries in the church. All I heard was “Bible study”…Continue Reading “Fighting for women’s ministry (when you don’t feel like it)”

The last month has been packed with many conversations about sin, foolishness and immaturity. To be more specific, these conversations are centered around confessing my sin, foolishness and immaturity. Sometimes when we confess our sin to our friends, we are surprised to find out that they are human (shocking, I tell you). They don’t always have the…Continue Reading “I am neurotic, He is faithful”