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Article on GCDiscipleship: Creative Father, Creative Children

April 27, 2017

Gospel-Centered Discipleship is running a post I wrote regarding the Christian perspective on art. I am really grateful that they picked up my work, GCD is a great resource that I’ve used myself many times in ministry, so that’s pretty dope.

If you like reading about discipleship, then check out their website, and give my post a share or re-tweet if you are feeling artsy and whatnot: Creative Father, Creative Children.

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  1. I was blessed by the creative idea of your church sponsoring an art gallery, definitely had not heard of that before, but it is a great idea, makes a lot of sense, and I’m sure it attracts a diverse group of people that could then be attracted to Christ by His servants that run the gallery.

    On encouragement toward creativity, I wonder if you’ve ever given homeschooling a thought? It is one of the most powerfully effective ways to build relationships with your kids for Christ and to foster creativity. It’s a way to teach kids to think outside the box in all areas of life :-)))).

    1. Hi Jeanna! I appreciate your kind words. We did consider homeschooling. However, because of our daughter’s profound need we have her enrolled in a special school for kids with intellectual disabilities. We’ve been really happy with it so far, Katherine’s special ed. teachers and therapists are the best! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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