Sermon Highlights 05.15.16

I’m consistently inspired, challenged and encouraged by the men who preach at my church. Every once in a while, I try to share bits and pieces from their sermons here.

This week’s sermon at Karis Church was focused on stewardship and sacrifice, and comes from Matthew 5:1-12.

If you don’t attend Karis Church and/or didn’t get to hear this sermon, I would highly recommend taking some time to listen to it. Our church elder, Derek, offers some excellent counsel for those who feel too short on time, money and energy to devote any to the three to the church.

“Sacrifice is the major theme of our faith. Christianity without the sacrifice at the cross is nothing at all, it’s empty.

In the early church we see the apostles sacrificing everything they had to steward the message of the Gospel. We are called to the same life, this same pursuit.”

-Derek Zimmermann,  Karis Church

Hear the full sermon here on Soundcloud. 

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