When Mother’s Day Hurts

Mother’s Day is almost here.

It’s a sentimental holiday to some, and a miserable experience for others. It’s commonly understood as a painful holiday for women struggling with infertility. Yet over the years, I’ve had many friends express grief over the day for other reasons that I previously hadn’t even considered. Year after year, my eyes have been opened to the vast array of emotions surrounding Mother’s Day.

I feel like it could be disrespectful to speak into situations that I haven’t personally experienced, but I want to encourage women no matter where they are at. I’m thankful that the same Lord that saved me into His family is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. If you know someone who is struggling on Mother’s Day, be sure to pray for them, listen to their story (if they feel comfortable sharing) and point them to the healing power of the gospel.

Additionally, the internet is a vast wealth of resources and experiences to share. Here are a collection of articles for the various women who might be struggling during Mother’s Day.

An open letter to anyone who hurts on Mother’s Day by Trillia Newbell.

Justin Taylor writes about infertility and Mother’s Day at the Gospel Coalition blog.

Sarah at Goings, Graces writes as a woman who had a child die shortly after birth. 

Courtney Reissig writes to single women who have yet to try and conceive. 

John Piper talks to those who grew up with abusive parents. 

Paul Maxwell encourages children of divorced parents.

Kendra Dahl has a post on The Gospel Coalition about healing after abortion. 

Christward Collective shares an open letter to parents of unbelieving children. 

Ligonier has an excellent piece on special needs parenting.

Trevin Wax writes to stay-at-home mothers who feel unappreciated.


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