Monday Mutual 04.25.16

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Desiring God writer Jon Bloom posts “Lay Aside the Weight of Low Self Image”. This is one of the most thoughtful pieces I have ever read on the topic.

Are you a woman considering seminary? The Gospel Coalition has four questions to ask yourself before enrolling.

A new book “Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife” makes the claim that complementarian interpretations of scripture lead to domestic violence. Melissa Kruger posts a review of the book, as well as a considerate rebuttal of the assertion made in it. “Is Complementarian Theology the Root of Domestic Abuse?” This review is an important read for women who hold a complementarian view of gender roles, and offers some useful arguments against critics.

The Upward Call offers some encouragement to women who are “just” young homemakers in “Young Women at Home, Hear Me”.

And lastly, John Piper sings the praises of “Fearless Women”, and offers some practical ministry suggestions.

I hope these articles are an encouragement, enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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