Visual Resources for the Visual Learner

Are you a visual learner? Here are some cool resources for the optical-brained among us.

The Bible Project This is a channel dedicated to sharing animated videos, each of which describes the themes of a book of the Bible.

CS Lewis Doodle This channel mixes simple drawings with narrations from CS Lewis writings.

An example of a CS Lewis Doodle. Image courtesy of

Historical Theology for Everyone  Ryan Reeves and the Gospel Coalition put together this channel to provide easily-accessible lessons in the title’s subject. Reeves got his PhD in Historical Theology from Cambridge. I’ve got a PhD in Cheeto-eating. Who are you going to get your history lesson from? This guy, or me?

Sermon Jams by Refresh Ministries This playlist combines popular sermons with music lyric videos. Definitely an interesting concept. They have playlists for slam poetry too, and some of them are pretty good.

Look at the Book by Desiring God

The entire Desiring God channel on Youtube is excellent, but the Look at the Book playlist deserves special attention. John Piper really digs in to a specific passage in order to better answer questions or explain texts.

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