Monday Mutual 04.11.16

This Monday is the second week of the Monday Mutual sharing. Hope these links are helpful!

Why we should stop saying “At least you are married” or “at least you are single”

At Least you are Married originally posted on

Jen Wilkin writes a piece on The Gospel Coalition about imperfect hospitality called When Hospitality Beats Entertaining

Will I Be Single Forever? A post on Desiring God about the loneliness some single people feel, and where true comfort can be found.

A critique of Ann Voskamp’s mysticism in “One Thousand Gifts” Written by Andy Wilson of the OPC. (For the record, he isn’t calling Ann a heretic or anything. There are just some theological considerations that women need to weigh when they read her book.)

The Missional Women website offers some hints on How to Foster a Discipleship Focused Ministry

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