The next time you are in Barnes and Noble, grab an overpriced coffee and saunter over to the “Religion” aisle. While you are there, take a count of all the books targeted at women.

I think you’ll be a bit shocked when you realize just how many Christian books are sold specifically for women. I mean, you can honestly find a book for anything. Like books about female Christian living. Or theology for people with ladyparts (the confusion of needing our own theology books is a post for another day). You can buy fiction romance novels about Amish chicks and even books about dating the “Godly girl” way.

Women are thirsty for knowledge, meaning, comfort and counsel. Thirst isn’t a bad thing; only the dead don’t get thirsty.

But your shock might turn to disgust when you realize just how many women are quenching their thirst at poisoned wells. There is a lot of money to be made in books that prey upon the fears, questions, and desires of Christian women. Women can get a quick hit of counterfeit grace from Amazon with no effort while finding books of substance and truth is difficult.

I recently had a long conversation with a friend about this very problem. We were both grieved to see some of the crap being peddled to our friends on bookstore shelves.

The internet is only marginally better. I stumble across blogs that have gospel-centered content, but really only serve women in one “season of life”. Maybe it’s a mommy blog, or a Christian-single-girl-in-the-city blog or whatever. I’m not bashing, they have usefulness too.

But often, women who don’t “fit” the targeted audiences of these blogs leave thinking; “great, another post about Biblical womanhood that is completely irrelevant to my life.”

I’ve felt that way myself.

In the past, I’ve kept a personal blog with varying levels of self-discipline. As self-centered as I am, it’s oddly hard to write about myself all the time. I’m just not that interesting. But it’s not hard at all to write to women about Christ’s kingdom and their place inside it.

Obviously I’m not familiar with every life stage and experience. I’m just one person. But the gospel is for every woman, no matter where she is in life. And I’ve got enough internet addiction, books and friends to help me with the stuff I haven’t experienced yet.

Because I don’t want my sisters to have their thirst satisfied by anything less than the kingdom of God.

Matthew 5:6

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

-Rachelle, Each Passing Phase


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