The joy of a life unlived.

One of the things I enjoy most at church is watching baptisms, and I got to witness six of them today.  Among the six was a very close friend of mine, one of the first people I became close to at Karis.

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Before our pastors baptize a believer, they always give the individual a chance to talk to the congregation about what Jesus Christ has done in their lives. Hearing my family talk about the work that had already begun in them was a great reminder that baptism isn’t what saves us. Baptism is instead;

An encouragement for the body we now belong to.
A declaration to the lost that our hope is found in a risen Savior.
A reminder to ourselves that the person we were is dead and gone.
A call to an ordinance that Jesus Himself honored.
A thanksgiving for punishment we no longer have to face.
A representation of the burial and ressurection of the One who took the punishment instead.

And an expression of joy for a life unlived (by us anyway). Because the sinful, broken lives we’ve actually lived couldn’t lead us to eternity with a holy, righteous God. The perfect living was not done by us, but instead by the perfect sacrifice Jesus Christ.

Praising God today for baptism and a life unlived by me.

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