Church full of bloggers.

June 1, 2014

One of the cooler things about Karis is that 3/4th’s of the congregation has their own blog. That’s probably an exaggeration, but it’s not like anyone is going to do a headcount at church next week and prove me wrong.

Anyway, the majority of the blogs are just family updates for extended kin to look over. Others are dedicated to hobbies, art or theology. Some of them are composed by excellent writers with an obvious gift. The rest of us are just trying to make sure we don’t misspell anything or make total jackasses of ourselves (both battles I’ve lost many times.)

Regardless of the topic or ability level of the bloggers, I love reading their content. All of it. And I wish every member of our church kept a blog.

The fact is, I attend a church that is growing all the time. I couldn’t possibly get to know everyone on the level that I want to. That’s just life, there aren’t enough hours in the day to have every person on our membership rolls over for coffee on a weekly basis.

But I can take 15 minutes before bed to read a blog post about someone’s new baby. Or their most recent painting. Or their deepest heartache. That short window of time where I can look into someone’s life is unbelievably encouraging and life-changing. I don’t want to be voyeuristic or nosy, I want to love on people at my church and it’s hard to do when you don’t know them well. I’m never going to become best friends with someone just from reading their blog, that’s not realistic. But at least I know how to pray for them, or what their passions are or what I have in common with them.

More importantly, I know what blogging/journaling/writing can do for the person that is hitting the “submit” button. A lot of my posts come across as egotistical navel-gazing to those reading. But that’s okay, because for me it’s a release and an opportunity to bounce my thoughts off somebody other than my husband. I feel a lot better when type up a blog post, because then I can stop replaying them in my head. And just as I get to know other people by reading their blogs, they have a chance to get to know me better too. Blogging is just one more tool that can be used for building community in a church.

If you are one of those bloggers at Karis that wonders to yourself “does anybody even want to read this?” I totally do. Send me your blog link, i’ll read the crap out of it

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