Insomnia makes me ballsier.

I doubt anybody has noticed, but The Newbie Homemaker is dead. Gone. Finito. Over.

I’ve avoided publishing any of my posts over there for the last two months out of frustration and boredom. I hate fiddling with wordpress and their restrictive settings. I’ve mulled over the thought of self-hosting so that I had more creative control of my blog’s appearance and function, but have yet to jump the gun because of the cost.

But I was up until 2am last night.

Let me tell you, stupid stuff sounds totally awesome at 2am. I make a lot of risky decisions due to insomnia, some pay off. Some don’t. I’m hoping this one does.

So here’s the scoop; at 2am I deleted my old blog and bought a new domain name (this one). I’m going to continue to host on wordpress over the summer, and attempt to blog daily so that I can get a better idea of what my traffic needs actually look like before paying for a hosting agreement.

I’ll try and spend that time creating an original template as well. Don’t count on that last part though, it’s been years since I’ve created my own layouts/templates (like a decade) and a lot has changed since I was a 17 year old wailing on the internet.

Fingers crossed, by October I’ll be self-hosted, self-designed and self-sufficient. I saved my old posts just for personal satisfaction, but I doubt I’ll upload them all into this blog.

If you are a family member or friend who enjoyed reading The Newbie Homemaker, you’ll be pleased to see daily posts from this blog shared on your newsfeed for the summer.

If you hate my blog and want me to die in a fire… to be you.


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